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Southern lands and its people

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The land known as the lower Omo valley is a territory not excessively large but home to many different ethnic and cultural groups. The nomadic ways of herdsmen do not allow for the development of a material culture, either for aesthetic or spiritual purposes but this lack of material culture is compensated for by the exceptional ornamental and symbolic wealth of their decorated bodies; not only as an expression of beauty, but principally as a demonstration of messages and signals expressed through scarification, paintings, ornamentation and hairstyles. All the groups from the Omo are structured by the age-system or age-set a system the society has developed exclusively for men who must pass through several stages from birth to adulthood where the rites and ceremonies determine the progress each male makes within his group. Child, youth and adult are the three main stages of life. Each of these stages brings with it a series of social obligations towards the family and the group, as well as certain advantages or rights

Tour Description



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