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People of The Northern Highlands

Tour Description

Ancestral traditions govern the daily life of both the Tigre and the Amhara: the people which inhabit the highland plains to the north , south and east of lake Tana, as well as the region of Wollo and the north of Shoa. A series of events mark the traditional life of the Amhara and many of these facets are shared with the Tigre people. the majority of the population are rural farmers who live in isolated houses or huts, or in hamlets made up of a few homes, with great distances between them. The walls may be of stone or criss-crossed stakes covered in a layer of mud (chika), manure and teff straw. The Tigre are heairs to the Axumite legacy, their language Tigrigna, as for the Amhara, they gradually became Christianized in ancient times and began to be integrated to the Axumite kingdom.

Tour Description



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