11 Nov 2015

Ethiopia is a land where its people are closest to nature. Life closely coincides daily between them and nature in all manners; all life intertwined with give and take and reciprocation with great respect.A Paradise for birds and more so a paradise for bird watchers, with more than 800 different species counted of which 16 are endemic and 14 semi-endemic because they are shared with Eritrea.

In Ethiopia, It is exciting and gratifying to go to the banks of the lakes and observe how the birds exist in their natural habitat; with the size and richness of the species, the vibrancy of the plumage and quantity of birds are easily visible and impressive.

Ethiopia has the advantage of possessing numerous endemic species found nowhere else. The Government has made efforts to protect the animals and their habitats, resulting in the creation of 10 National Parks and three sanctuaries which protect much of the Fauna and Flora created to protect the endemic animals and habitants in which they develop.

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