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The land known as the lower Omo valley is a territory not excessively large but home to many different ethnic and cultural groups. The nomadic ways of herdsmen do not allow for the development of a material culture, either for aesthetic or spiritual purposes but this lack of material culture is compensated for by the exceptional ornamental and symbolic wealth of their decorated bodies; not only as an expression of beauty, but principally as a demonstration of messages and signals expressed through scarification, paintings, ornamentation and hairstyles.

Ancestral traditions govern the daily life of both the Tigre and the Amhara: the people which inhabit the highland plains to the north , south and east of lake Tana, as well as the region of Wollo and the north of Shoa. A series of events mark the traditional life of the Amhara and many of these facets are shared with the Tigre people.

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