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The city of mystery, it has been referred to as the Timuktu of the east, it is considered one of the holy cities of the Islamic world with its ninety nine mosques and its glorious past of spreading Islam. Harar is one of the most impressive historic destinations with its remoteness and ancient history as part of the long and colorful existence of Ethiopia.

The imperial city of Gondar took its name from the cushtic word “gon” (great) and the semetic word “dar” (city) to form the word Great city. One tradition suggests that its name was derived from gon eder, whose translation is “sleep on your side.”This arises from the story that after a long fight between two brothers, one of them exclaimed to the other: Gon eder! “Sleep on your side, on your ears!”, i.e. in peace.

It has been said that Ethiopian history begins with Axum and its kingdom was most prosperous probably from the fourth or fifth century B.C.Part of the Axumite history is artistically inscribed in the famous stelae and slabs of Axum.

In the second half of the 12th century a prince was born into the heart of the Zagwe dynasty; the youngest of the ruling dynasty and the son of Zan-Siyum. According to legend, his mother observed one day that his cradle was covered by a swarm of bees, seeing this as a sign of his future greatness, she exclaimed “Lalibela!” which in Agew means “the bees recognize his sovereignty”.

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