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With beautiful savannahs, acacia forests, thorny scrub and Euphorbias, the Abiyata-shala park is situated in the Rift Valley created to protect both a beautiful landscape and species of birds inhabiting the area.

The city of mystery, it has been referred to as the Timuktu of the east, it is considered one of the holy cities of the Islamic world with its ninety nine mosques and its glorious past of spreading Islam. Harar is one of the most impressive historic destinations with its remoteness and ancient history as part of the long and colorful existence of Ethiopia.

Located in the Afar region that lies at an altitude of 116 meters below sea level, the Danakil (or Dallol) depression is a volcanic explosion crater (or Maar) found north east east of the Erta Ale Range in Ethiopia. The term Dallol was coined by the afar People and means dissolution or disintegration describing the landscape made up of green acidic pods and salt desert plains. It is to be the lowest, hottest and unique land formations in the Great Rift Valley system yet still a very attractive geological phenomenon with its colorful and enjoyable landscape making the traveler feel like they are in the Lonely Planet.

Known by the Afar as the “smoking mountain” and “the gateway to hell”, it a 2,011 foot high constantly active basaltic shield volcano, making it one of the only known five volcanoes with Lava lakes in the world (the longest).

The imperial city of Gondar took its name from the cushtic word “gon” (great) and the semetic word “dar” (city) to form the word Great city. One tradition suggests that its name was derived from gon eder, whose translation is “sleep on your side.”This arises from the story that after a long fight between two brothers, one of them exclaimed to the other: Gon eder! “Sleep on your side, on your ears!”, i.e. in peace.

It has been said that Ethiopian history begins with Axum and its kingdom was most prosperous probably from the fourth or fifth century B.C.Part of the Axumite history is artistically inscribed in the famous stelae and slabs of Axum.

Registered as a world Heritage Site by UNESCO, the beauty of its flora and the Majesty of its impressive landscape provide one of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

This is the final great religious festival and is the most important Orthodox Christian festival in Ethiopia. It commemorates when saint John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. Since Lalibella is one of the major centers of Christian pilgrimage, its version of Timkat is very unique.

Christmas or Gena celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ at the same time the rest of the Christian world celebrates it (Christmas Eve). At the midnight mass the Dabtaras sing special canticles and at noon on Christmas day, youths in traditional dress play genna chewata to commemorate the Sheppard’s who were playing this game outside the stable while Jesus was born (the game consists of pushing a wooden ball with a long stick similar to today’s game of hockey). It was these shepherds who spread the good news. The three wise men and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh are also celebrated.

A celebration commemorating saint Helena, mother of the Roman emperor Constantine(4th century), who found the true cross in Jerusalem is a great festival celebrated 16 days after the New Year comes.

It all begins the night before, when the men light the chibo (long wooden stakes tied together) inside their houses and then carry it outside to ward off bad luck and attract good year. On New Year’s Day people visit friends and family, the young girls sing a new year’s song and the families invite them in to eat bread and meat. At this time of year, the yellow daisy Adey Abeba (the mescal flower) blooms and does so every year only at New Year’s time.

Ancestral traditions govern the daily life of both the Tigre and the Amhara: the people which inhabit the highland plains to the north , south and east of lake Tana, as well as the region of Wollo and the north of Shoa. A series of events mark the traditional life of the Amhara and many of these facets are shared with the Tigre people.

The land known as the lower Omo valley is a territory not excessively large but home to many different ethnic and cultural groups. The nomadic ways of herdsmen do not allow for the development of a material culture, either for aesthetic or spiritual purposes but this lack of material culture is compensated for by the exceptional ornamental and symbolic wealth of their decorated bodies; not only as an expression of beauty, but principally as a demonstration of messages and signals expressed through scarification, paintings, ornamentation and hairstyles.

The richest in flora and fauna of the applicable habitat in all of Ethiopia, the bale mountains provides a unique diversity of landscape, vegetation and fauna.

In the second half of the 12th century a prince was born into the heart of the Zagwe dynasty; the youngest of the ruling dynasty and the son of Zan-Siyum. According to legend, his mother observed one day that his cradle was covered by a swarm of bees, seeing this as a sign of his future greatness, she exclaimed “Lalibela!” which in Agew means “the bees recognize his sovereignty”.

The parks habitat features an odd revering forest and interesting volcanic terrain; a vision of hell, surrounded by remains of lava from the past eruption.

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