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Awash National Park

Tour Description

The parks habitat features an odd revering forest and interesting volcanic terrain; a vision of hell, surrounded by remains of lava from the past eruption. Named after the longest river in Ethiopia, situated east of addis Ababa it is dry savannah in the middle of the rift valley. The Awash River marks the southern boundary of the park by means of a deep gorge, and in the parks interior the river forms a waterfall underneath which it is possible to walk and enjoy the exceptional view of a great number and variety of birds. About 400 species of birds have been counted, including some endemic species such as the bandet barbet(Lybius undatus), the golden-backed woodpecker(Dendropicus abyssinicus), the thin billed raven(corvus crassirotris) and the wattled ibis(bostrychia carunculata).

Tour Description



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