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Abiyata Shala National Park

Tour Description

With beautiful savannahs, acacia forests, thorny scrub and Euphorbias, the Abiyata-shala park is situated in the Rift Valley created to protect both a beautiful landscape and species of birds inhabiting the area. Two salt water lakes, Abiyata and Shala separated by a rocky barrier cover more than half of the park and between them lies Mount Fike. Lake Abiyata is shallow rich in fish, attracting numerous birds to its shores making it an ideal place for bird watching, particularly for viewing Pink Flamingos. Lake Shala further south was formed in a crater of a volcano and is the deepest lake in the rift valley. Volcanic islands dot its surface and are surrounded by large acacia and Euphorbia forest and numerous hot springs that release boiling hot water and steam geysers. These waters are highly valued for their therapeutic properties, especially for the relief of rheumatism.

Tour Description



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